Friday, August 14, 2009

The "real" world

I started work on Monday...which means probably no more house renos anytime soon. After a week of creating lesson plans (only to realize I followed exactly what the principal said to do, which means I am wrong and have to re-do them), 8 hour trainings and decorating my room (ran out of border and have to drive all the way to Lakeshore which is across the street from the Galleria...which means is takes 2 hours to get there, even though I am 7 miles away), I am pooped!

We did, however, lay tile in our laundry room two weeks ago. Previously, we had the room blocked off by shelves we have yet to hang up so that our Romba wouldn't completely die of dust overload. Laying tile was actually a ton of work, and this is coming from the girl whose only job was to be in charge of finding the tape measure at all times! It took us-and by us I mean the Bond men- a whole two days to do 30 sq. ft of utility room. We (ok, they) put in subfloor and laid the tile the first day. I think cutting the tile took the longest. The next day, the men had to grout and put in the quarter round. I think it looks beautiful and I can now actually walk in the room without having feet that leave dust foot prints wherever I go. Thanks, Bonds!

Tile aside.... kids start in a week and 3 days. Prayers are currently being accepted.

And now for an adorable picture of my cock-eared pup


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