Sunday, June 28, 2009

A lot of nothing


Today, my family (minus my brother Gregory) came over to see our latest changes, to eat at Spanish Flower (yummy) and to look at my chair choices. I was excited- today was the day I'd make the big decision!

After nearly falling into a food coma at Spanish Flower, we go to Chic Warehouse. Not a good idea. Daniel and my Dad find the nearest overstuffed couch to plop their full bodies on and discuss TV sizes. This leaves my Mom, Madeline, and I to look through 20 books of fabric.

Once my Dad and Daniel worked up the energy to go look around, my Dad decides that every chair is too "grandma" and we should go elsewhere. To Daniel, the newest decorator, they all don't fit in the house and we need two totally different chairs, one with wood arm rests and one with fabric arm rests. I tell myself that I can make a decision on my own and don't have to follow other people's opinions.

After looking at paisley fabric choices, I find two nice ones (one red and cinnamon, one blue and brown). I take them to Daniel and Dad, who have plopped back on an oversized couch and have reverted to simply resting, eyes closes, hands on belly style. Daniel makes an "ew" face and goes back to closing his eyes. This is when I figure it is time to leave and attempt to sneak out, hoping the sales guy who is waiting on me won't notice.

So, no dice. I figure, even though I have a burning itch to finish our living room (or at least get the ball rolling), the chairs can wait. No rush.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why am I terrible at making decisions?

I knew I shouldn't have done it. I KNEW it! I had my heart set on Color and Tailor. Beyond affordable, custom made, and local. But then, my (ex)co-worker told me about Chic Warehouse. Very much like Color and Tailor, yet instead of having 20 different fabric choices, they have about 2000! And I'm not going to lie, the chairs look trendier. I need to make a pro/ cons list.

Pros of Chic Warehouse
1. local
2. more fabric choices
3. cuter chair choices
4. affordable

1. Takes 6-8 weeks to make (compared to 4 days!)
2. Is about 100-200 bucks more a chair (do you KNOW how frugal I am?)
3. Too many choices?
4. I still may have liked this fabric from Color and Taylor more than any of the ones I saw (of
course, I only saw about 1/8th of the choices.

Of course, I asked Daniel what to get and he said, "Whatever you like more." It is sweet of him to want me to pick based on taste instead of mula, but COME ON! I need him to make this life-changing decision for me!

Well, I told both Chic Warehouse and Color and Tailor I will come by on Saturday.....with my couch's throw pillow....

On to more decorating news, I found an art warehouse in The Heights that is having a remarkable sale. Times are tough, and evidently no art is being sold. They are all under $15-$125 and are ranging from paper size to 36x48. I mean, those are crazy good prices! These are originals, not prints! Tell me what you think of these? There are a million more choice, BTW, so click here if you are looking for art. PS these all range from 24x36- 36x48.

LOVE this, but I don't think it will go well above our fire place if we use blues and greens. Would go beautifully with my original cinnamon color, though.
This one is really beautiful larger. Would be a pretty over fire place pic.
For some reason, I am in love with this. I know it is simple, but i just love it! To bad it is to tall to go over fire place....but would look beautiful on a blank wall!

We have a huge blank wall in our kitchen that this would go nicely in.
Again, one that is beautiful larger but lookin tacky as a thumbnail.

ANyways, if you know anything about Chic Warehouse, Color and Tailor, or Gallery Direct Oil Paintings, please let me know!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe problem solved?

Today I went to Pier 1. No luck- the chairs looked way cuter online, needless to say. Went to Home Goods, still no luck. I came home and wandered upon this site:

They are:
A. In montrose
B. Selling custom made furniture- you pick the cushion's firmness, fabric, and the bones of the chair.
C. Incredibly affordable- less expensive than things I have found at Star, Pier 1, World Market, Rooms to Go, and TARGET!

Being the indecisive and difficult women that God made me to be, I have gone from finding nothing to having too many choices! Want to help me pick my fabric?
This one is more affordable (but only by 50 bucks).
I like this chair more. There is also a tufted one but it wasn't on the website. These prices have already spoiled me- the tufted one is $399 and now I am thinking that is too much! Why pay that when you can get a chair that is not tufted for $249 (yes, you read that right!)
Love it, but it might be to feminine.
Probably my favorite, but Daniel thinks it belongs in The Haunted Mansion. Hopefully he will have a change of heart when he sees it in person!
Love it- I think it will go beautifully with our rug and the style of our house. Too old lady for Daniel? Maybe...
I'm eh about this. Love the colors, but not the pattern for my house. Too boring I think.

They also had some BEAUTIFUL chenille fabric. Of course, after I decided it was the fabric I couldn't live without, I realize it is the only fabric that will be $100 more a chair. Why am I always drawn to the most expensive thing, why?!

Please, comment away! Also, if you know of any other fantastic furniture store, let me know! I have toyed with the idea of buying a used chair and reupholstering it...but when I asked Daniel, his only response was "EWWWW!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

chair decisions!

Just so you know, today is Daniel's and my anniversary. Man, a year goes by so quickly! It has been a great year...we were bums in Austin, Daniel got a fantastic job offer for Total in Houston and we moved, I got my first teaching job, we renovated this awesome house....I can only imagine where we will be next year at this time! Hopefully in Paris... :-D For the first year of marriage, it is traditional to get your spouse paper. Daniel gave me a subscribtion to the Houston Chronicle, something I have been wanting since we moved in!

We got a couch on Wenesday and picked it up on Saturday. Obviously, it is very neutral and bare bones right now. Please disregard my yoga mat, Doo Doo Head, and Daniel's guitar amps- they won't live there once the room is set up (well, at least not my mat and Daniel's amps).

We really had to get a smaller couch so it wouldn't overwhelm the room. I'm thinking a plant will go in the left corner (or a side table). We got a new TV for the game room and are going to hang our old TV (42 inch flat screen) on the right wall.

I'm at a loss for an accent color, and we need one badly! I do not want this to be a boring, all neutal room! I'm thinking cinnamon might get lost....we might need a green or red?

I like the idea of painting the wall behind the couch a deeper brown color, but we want to keep the traditional look in our house....and I think that might be too contemporary.

Here are chair options. I'd like to have two across from the couch, with a coffee table or chest in between the couch and chairs.
I just with this was dark brown instead of black.
This green one is Daniel's favorite. I think I like it, too.
I find this ecclectic. Daniel hate's both the one above and below.
I like this one but I can't tell what color the fabric is- if it is lavendar, it is a no go. I'm hoping it is brown. On sale at world market for $188!
I like the wicker, but would it be comfortable?
Might be to contemporary....

I think once we get all of our furniture, we will decide on an accent color for the couch. Please let me know which chair is your favorite!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daniel and I have been living in our (kind of) finished home for the past month or so. Here are some pictures of the (kind of) finished product!

Now that we are almost done with the interior aesthetic renos, it is time to furnish! I am toying with the idea with a white living room. I think it will make our floors pop. I am thinking cinnamon as an accent color. Let me know what you think!
This rug has a really beautiful design on it- the picture does not give it any justice.

What about this couch with it?

I would never think that I would want a white room, but because there are so many windows in our living room, I think it would make everything so light. I would not use those green and brown throw pillows, BTW. This is the color I'd like to accent with.
A coffee table with this cinnamon colored wood would tie everything in, I think.

As everyone knows, I am the most indecisive person out there and I pretty much need YOU to make my decision for me!!!!


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