Sunday, June 28, 2009

A lot of nothing


Today, my family (minus my brother Gregory) came over to see our latest changes, to eat at Spanish Flower (yummy) and to look at my chair choices. I was excited- today was the day I'd make the big decision!

After nearly falling into a food coma at Spanish Flower, we go to Chic Warehouse. Not a good idea. Daniel and my Dad find the nearest overstuffed couch to plop their full bodies on and discuss TV sizes. This leaves my Mom, Madeline, and I to look through 20 books of fabric.

Once my Dad and Daniel worked up the energy to go look around, my Dad decides that every chair is too "grandma" and we should go elsewhere. To Daniel, the newest decorator, they all don't fit in the house and we need two totally different chairs, one with wood arm rests and one with fabric arm rests. I tell myself that I can make a decision on my own and don't have to follow other people's opinions.

After looking at paisley fabric choices, I find two nice ones (one red and cinnamon, one blue and brown). I take them to Daniel and Dad, who have plopped back on an oversized couch and have reverted to simply resting, eyes closes, hands on belly style. Daniel makes an "ew" face and goes back to closing his eyes. This is when I figure it is time to leave and attempt to sneak out, hoping the sales guy who is waiting on me won't notice.

So, no dice. I figure, even though I have a burning itch to finish our living room (or at least get the ball rolling), the chairs can wait. No rush.....


  1. Your house is looking beautiful! So glad to see that you and Daniel are doing great!

  2. Your house looks amazing! :)



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