Thursday, July 2, 2009

Puppy time!

We got a puppy from the shelter! Her name was Thor, but
daniel is afraid the name is too manly for such a cute lil puppy girl. She is a mix between German Shepard and Australian Shepard, which are two very smart, loyal, protective breeds. She TRULY is a smart, good puppy (so far, at least!) She went to the restroom outside within seconds of bringing her out this morning and has yet to go in the house. She also doesn't whine at all while she is in her cage- I think she actually likes it!

She did, however, go #2 in Daniel's car and then accidentally sat in it. Daniel put her in the bath tub while he cleaned out his car. She passed out in the tub! She also went #2 in aisle 8 at Petsmart :-)
She is a month old. Her sister is still at the shelter, if anyone is interested!

In other home related news, we got a new TV. I think it is a little to small.

We wall mounted his old TV. We actually put the cable box in the attic and ran a wire through the dry wall to the TV. There is a sensor on the TV that transmits the channel we want to the cable box. I thought the living room was too small to have an entertainment center. I'm happy with the result!

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  1. awww that puppy is so cute!!! and sooo tiny!! Yall will have so much fun with her.



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