Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chairs! Finally!

Oh, the places I have looked for chairs. Chic Warehouse. Ashely. Star. Pier 1. Home Goods. World Market. The list goes on. Today, I was motivated. No more indecisiveness, I must pick out chairs! This is partly because my Aunt Lydia is helping me make drapes next week (I need to know what color of fabrics to get!) and also because I might be having the Poe side over in a couple of weeks. I went to Color and Tailor, the place I was pretty much planning on going to all along, and made my decision in about 5 minutes! I called Daniel to make sure it was okay, and he said begrudgingly that he just "better like them". Since they are custom made, I have to wait about a week. I went ahead and bought throw pillows for the couch that are in the same fabric as our new chairs. I love them! Daniel actually likes them a lot, too- whew!

And now to puppy news. We took Dakota (finally, a name!) to the vet a few days after we got her. It turns out she had major parasites living in her belly, which is why she was incredibly lethargic and whiny. She is now very medicated (she took 4 different medicines today) but she is seriously a whole new puppy. So playful and sweet! You know how every parent is insistent that they have the brightest, sweetest, cutest child? I feel that way about Dakota! Daniel and I are so happy we rescued her from the shelter and we tote her around everywhere with us.
Dakota and DooDoo Head have met. Doodoo Head slapped her but thankfully did not use her nails. She did this because Dakota ambushed her, so Dakota kind of deserved it. Other than that instance, DooDoo has been a good "older sister" to Dakota and is relatively patient with her. At my parent's house, DooDoo would hunt out the dogs and attack them, so I'm happy she just pretends Dakota doesn't exist. She likes to sniff out Dakota while she is sleeping, but that's about it!
I'll post pictures of the chairs as soon as we receive them! Also, be expecting some pictures of window treatments soon!

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