Saturday, October 9, 2010

list of wants

Yesterday, a student told me her birthday was coming up. When I asked her when it was, she replied "November 28"....which is my birthday, too! After she guessed how old I will be (seven years old), she told me everything that she wants for her birthday...which got me thinking about what I would like.
I really do not care about birthdays or gifts. Of course I appreciate them, but I am fine if I receive nothing. I am usually a frugal person and I just do not like having a bunch of things that clutter up my house. Unfortunately, my list this year is rather extensive ...much thanks to my knack of losing and breaking expensive things. So, without further ado, I present you with my birthday/ Christmas wish list for 2010!

I really love this gym bag! It is cute how it has a holder for a yoga mat. I usually go to the gym right after work and just stuff my clothes in my purse....I think this is much more practical!

Best Christmas movie ever!

Cute, matches my dishes. Something I would never buy myself but would like receiving. Would be useful to use during a party!
I dropped my macbook and now the screen is all messed up...I can still use it, but there are areas on my screen that are cracked, making it hard to see the images. No wonder Daniel's computer is password protected and he won't let me in on what it is!

Ok. I am not normally a leather jacket wearin' gal, but I would like one in lieu of a motorcycle jacket. I could spend a lot of $$$ on a motorcycle jacket that wouldn't be too cute and that I would only wear while I am riding with Daniel...or I could spend a smidgen more and get a jacket that I can wear everyday. Daniel had a little motorcycle crash yesterday (not a big deal, but he got skinned up on his way to work) and now I really do not want to ride with him unless I have proper protection. I might not be able to wait until November 28 for this purchase!
Remember my whole knack of breaking and losing all things expensive? Yes, I spilled a 32 oz water bottle in my purse, and in turn ruining my second iphone in 3 months. I feel really bad asking for a new one, but I promise to be more careful!
I have had my car since I turned 17. It has been fun, but now that I am older, I would like to have something larger. It sucks grocery shopping or traveling with the dogs in my little 2 door VW convertible. Not to mention it currently has a hole in the door from a bow and arrow and a hole in the bumper thanks to Daniel backing into a fire hydrant.

I am embarrassed by how much money this list totals to....I know I will not receive the majority of these, it's called a wish list for a reason!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Monday!

Brie and apple quesadillas- made this for dinner tonight! Click the picture if you want the recipe (I didn't use arugula). Daniel said it was more of a snack, but we both really liked it.

Perfect for after dinner dessert- Blue Moon's pumpkin ale, Harvest Moon. I love everything pumpkin, including pumpkin beer!

Today has been pretty productive. My friend Kathryn and I started training for the Houston 1/2 marathon last week, and I have been finding myself running everyday. Before, I would run 2 or 3 miles about 4x a week, but now that I am making more of an effort, we are running 3-4 miles about everyday (either together or alone). It feels great, and there is something about running RIGHT after work that just makes the rest of your day productive. After our run I took the dogs to the park, helped Daniel with the lawn, and even cooked dinner. Feels good not being a lazy vegetable after work!

I love fall. Love it so much that I have a nasty sun burn to prove it. We spent all day outside yesterday, between Daniel's soccer game, running, and taking the dogs to the park. We have had our windows open 24/7 and it feels refreshing waking up at night a little chilly! I cannot wait to go to Cedar Creek and sit outside with some fried pickles and a Blue Moon- perfect weather for it!

Ok, that was a bit of a hodge podge, but at least I updated!


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