Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Monday!

Brie and apple quesadillas- made this for dinner tonight! Click the picture if you want the recipe (I didn't use arugula). Daniel said it was more of a snack, but we both really liked it.

Perfect for after dinner dessert- Blue Moon's pumpkin ale, Harvest Moon. I love everything pumpkin, including pumpkin beer!

Today has been pretty productive. My friend Kathryn and I started training for the Houston 1/2 marathon last week, and I have been finding myself running everyday. Before, I would run 2 or 3 miles about 4x a week, but now that I am making more of an effort, we are running 3-4 miles about everyday (either together or alone). It feels great, and there is something about running RIGHT after work that just makes the rest of your day productive. After our run I took the dogs to the park, helped Daniel with the lawn, and even cooked dinner. Feels good not being a lazy vegetable after work!

I love fall. Love it so much that I have a nasty sun burn to prove it. We spent all day outside yesterday, between Daniel's soccer game, running, and taking the dogs to the park. We have had our windows open 24/7 and it feels refreshing waking up at night a little chilly! I cannot wait to go to Cedar Creek and sit outside with some fried pickles and a Blue Moon- perfect weather for it!

Ok, that was a bit of a hodge podge, but at least I updated!

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