Sunday, July 26, 2009

Across the Pond

So... Daniel is going to work in London for a few months in October! I am excited for this professional opportunity for him, but I'm sad that I most likely won't be able to come for the whole time. As much as I'd love to just quit my job and move with him, that isn't too practical- as you can guess, this house has cost a lot of bucks so far, plus we have a mortgage and car payment to make. If I knew that I would be able to start a new job in January I would SO be there the whole time, but the truth of the matter is if I don't find a job in January, I will be out of work until next September. Most likely I will take a week off in October (if my principal allows...which she better!) and then also go up to London during Thanksgiving break. I just hope that Daniel gets to come home before Christmas!

If you work for a school in Houston and you know that y'all will be hiring a new teacher in January, please let me know! That would make our decision much easier!

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