Sunday, June 21, 2009

chair decisions!

Just so you know, today is Daniel's and my anniversary. Man, a year goes by so quickly! It has been a great year...we were bums in Austin, Daniel got a fantastic job offer for Total in Houston and we moved, I got my first teaching job, we renovated this awesome house....I can only imagine where we will be next year at this time! Hopefully in Paris... :-D For the first year of marriage, it is traditional to get your spouse paper. Daniel gave me a subscribtion to the Houston Chronicle, something I have been wanting since we moved in!

We got a couch on Wenesday and picked it up on Saturday. Obviously, it is very neutral and bare bones right now. Please disregard my yoga mat, Doo Doo Head, and Daniel's guitar amps- they won't live there once the room is set up (well, at least not my mat and Daniel's amps).

We really had to get a smaller couch so it wouldn't overwhelm the room. I'm thinking a plant will go in the left corner (or a side table). We got a new TV for the game room and are going to hang our old TV (42 inch flat screen) on the right wall.

I'm at a loss for an accent color, and we need one badly! I do not want this to be a boring, all neutal room! I'm thinking cinnamon might get lost....we might need a green or red?

I like the idea of painting the wall behind the couch a deeper brown color, but we want to keep the traditional look in our house....and I think that might be too contemporary.

Here are chair options. I'd like to have two across from the couch, with a coffee table or chest in between the couch and chairs.
I just with this was dark brown instead of black.
This green one is Daniel's favorite. I think I like it, too.
I find this ecclectic. Daniel hate's both the one above and below.
I like this one but I can't tell what color the fabric is- if it is lavendar, it is a no go. I'm hoping it is brown. On sale at world market for $188!
I like the wicker, but would it be comfortable?
Might be to contemporary....

I think once we get all of our furniture, we will decide on an accent color for the couch. Please let me know which chair is your favorite!


  1. My favorite were the two Daniel hates! lol

  2. My vote is the printed green chair that Daniel doesn't like!



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