Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daniel and I have been living in our (kind of) finished home for the past month or so. Here are some pictures of the (kind of) finished product!

Now that we are almost done with the interior aesthetic renos, it is time to furnish! I am toying with the idea with a white living room. I think it will make our floors pop. I am thinking cinnamon as an accent color. Let me know what you think!
This rug has a really beautiful design on it- the picture does not give it any justice.

What about this couch with it?

I would never think that I would want a white room, but because there are so many windows in our living room, I think it would make everything so light. I would not use those green and brown throw pillows, BTW. This is the color I'd like to accent with.
A coffee table with this cinnamon colored wood would tie everything in, I think.

As everyone knows, I am the most indecisive person out there and I pretty much need YOU to make my decision for me!!!!


  1. GO FOR IT!!!!!

    (White might not be the best with kids in the distant future, but it sure does look nice)

  2. I love everything that you've picked out, but the coffee table isn't my favorite. Have you thought about buying an antique trunk and using that? It would be functional and would go great with the couch that you've picked out. I hope that I get to see your house when you're done! I miss you!

  3. Tricia- I'm thinking we will scotch guard everything so that we won't get it too dirty!

    Jessica- I like your idea about getting an antique table...we actually have an antique chest that was my great grandma's in the attic! I never thought to use it in the living room, but it might work!

  4. Yeah I like the trunk idea also. I use one in my living room as a coffee table and love it. I keep my blankets in it in case i get cold. I love that couch.



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