Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe problem solved?

Today I went to Pier 1. No luck- the chairs looked way cuter online, needless to say. Went to Home Goods, still no luck. I came home and wandered upon this site:

They are:
A. In montrose
B. Selling custom made furniture- you pick the cushion's firmness, fabric, and the bones of the chair.
C. Incredibly affordable- less expensive than things I have found at Star, Pier 1, World Market, Rooms to Go, and TARGET!

Being the indecisive and difficult women that God made me to be, I have gone from finding nothing to having too many choices! Want to help me pick my fabric?
This one is more affordable (but only by 50 bucks).
I like this chair more. There is also a tufted one but it wasn't on the website. These prices have already spoiled me- the tufted one is $399 and now I am thinking that is too much! Why pay that when you can get a chair that is not tufted for $249 (yes, you read that right!)
Love it, but it might be to feminine.
Probably my favorite, but Daniel thinks it belongs in The Haunted Mansion. Hopefully he will have a change of heart when he sees it in person!
Love it- I think it will go beautifully with our rug and the style of our house. Too old lady for Daniel? Maybe...
I'm eh about this. Love the colors, but not the pattern for my house. Too boring I think.

They also had some BEAUTIFUL chenille fabric. Of course, after I decided it was the fabric I couldn't live without, I realize it is the only fabric that will be $100 more a chair. Why am I always drawn to the most expensive thing, why?!

Please, comment away! Also, if you know of any other fantastic furniture store, let me know! I have toyed with the idea of buying a used chair and reupholstering it...but when I asked Daniel, his only response was "EWWWW!"


  1. I like the one that Daniel thinks belongs in a Haunted Mansion.... love it!! Perhaps you could buy him a chair cover to put over the chair when he has to sit on it, anything to get that fabric!!

  2. Wait! I mean the blue and brown French looking one! That's my fave... :)

  3. I'm not crazy about the stripes but I love the other ones!

  4. I like the French looking one, too! He thought both the paisley one and french looking one belonged in the Haunted Mansion. Thanks for everyone's opinion!



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