Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sanding Galore

So we get to the house on Saturday around 10, and instantly smell this rotting smell in the bathroom. Our first thought is that something is wrong with the plumbing- the toilets have not been used for the past 2 years, and maybe they can't handle being in use again! Then, we realize that there is a dead rat in the walls! EW!
On Saturday we got all of the sanding done in the living room- the baseboards and windows, I mean (we will save the floor for later). The house is SO dusty now!

We also had some visitors! My cousin Haley and her husband Chad came and checked out the home. Hopefully, Chad will be able to help us with our bathroom renovations. Also, our great friends Casi, Sonny, and our future friend Asher (right now he is little bun in the oven) came to help out- what a treat! Sonny went to sanding, while Casi and I finished with the wallpaper. BTW, if you ever need to remove wallpaper, buy wallpaper removal in a spray bottle! Water simply doesn't cut it.

That about covers it! We were there all day- sanding takes forever, as I have said several times already. Hopefully this upcoming weekend, we will be there both Saturday and Sunday!

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