Monday, January 12, 2009

Yes, This is Happening!

We are getting a home! And it isn't just any type of's my great grandparent's home from 1926.
My own grandpa, Sonny, was born there in 1929. My great Aunt Kathryn had been living there, until recently, for the past 40+ years, taking care of her parents, raising her daughter, hosting Christmas parties, and living life. My father has fond memories of spending the weekends there with his siblings and cousin Diane, playing in the (rat infested) attic and getting into trouble. My own favorite memories involve going there on Christmas eve, playing on the antique piano and opening Aunt Kathryn's infamous Christmas sacks.
Now, Aunt Kathryn is older and living with her daughter in Katy. The house has been on the market for a while, but it needs a lot of work done. That is where Daniel and I come in!
As some of you know, Daniel and his dad are quite handy. I'm convinced Mr. Bond can fix up ANYTHING, and Daniel isn't too shabby himself! This house is full of memories, and I am excited to keep the home in our family!
So, this blog is dedicated to all of the work we will be doing to our new home. I will be posting pictures tonight or tomorrow of the home, rat nests and all! Here is a week itinerary of what Daniel and I will be doing.

Wednesday- Along with my dad, I will be going to the home for a termite inspection. Also, we will get rid of the rat family living in the attic. My dad is convinced that these rats' ancestors made the attic their home, as well, when he was a child. Byebye, suckers!
Saturday- HUGE day! We will be saving $500 bucks, due to using the Bond's trailer instead of renting a dumpster. There is still A LOT of junk in the house that we will be throwing away. Plus, we will be trashing all of the carpet. Keep your fingers crossed for beautiful hardwood floors!

I guess if the exterminator can't come, then we could just let Doodoo head loose in the attic?

Mmmm, rats!

Here is the link to check out the outside of the home.

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  1. yea for the house and yea for joining the blog world! :)

  2. Awww what a cute house! Good luck with everything :)
    - Micah McCombs

  3. Good luck on that. Home is wear the hearth is. Something like that.



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