Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good books

This summer, I have done a ton of relaxing. Yoga everyday, an embarrassing amount of HGTV, and a hefty bill towards due to the amount of books I have downloaded on my Kindle. I have read several great books. The Lovely Bones (yes, it was a movie, whateve) was probably the most thought provoking..but my two favorite books were Something Borrowed and Something Blue, a series by Emily Griffin.

Regarding the first book, I read it in less than 24 hours while at The Bond's lake house. In theory, it was a book that I should never recommend, about a 30 yr old woman's relationship with her self-involved best friend's fiance. I cannot believe how obsessed with this book I became, considering how much I value loyalty; however, I think every woman could relate to the main character's own insecurities and desires.

The latter book was basically the same story as the first book, along with the aftermath, according to the self-centered best friend. It was probably my favorite book- I loved seeing how Darcy, the shallow, wordly BFF evolved into a likeable character.

WELL, imagine my delight when I came upon the author's fan page to see that my beloved books were becoming a movie! Let's just say that I cannot wait until 2011! Here is a sneak peak:

Is it the deepest of books? NO. Is it a fun read? Absolutely!

BTW, I am open to any of your book recommendations!


  1. I liked the books too! I read them on our honeymoon. Have you read the Shopaholic series? The books aren't exactly intellectual reads but I LOVE them (so much more than the movie)

  2. I haven't read that series, but I have read a couple of books from that author (Twenties Girl and Can You Keep a Secret). They were def good, but not I-can't-put-them-down good. Maybe the series is better than her other books?

  3. I loved The Lovely Bones... still haven't seen the movie and I think I'm ok with that lol I will have to find the "Something" books now that its beach reading time! I to have become addicted to HGTV, before the wedding it was wedding shows on WE and now with the house it's home shows on HGTV...Oh to be a woman ;) Glad you are back to blogging!



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