Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I love.... on a weekend morning. I always wake up first and it is just so relaxing sipping my coffee on my big comfy chair while cuddling with my kitty.

...when Daniel and I find a new TV show and become obsessed with it. This weekend has been a Modern Family Marathon. Sometimes I prefer this to going on a "real" date.

...having a clean home. Between episodes, Daniel and I made our home spotless. I am lucky that I have someone who shares the chores with me!

...being excited to go to work tomorrow. I have a great class, but a couple of challenging ones students. Is it weird that those challenging students are the ones that motivate me the most to wake up at 6:15 am and do my job?

...Groupon. Yesterday I got 1/2 off tickets to the Houston Wine Festival...CANNOT WAIT!

...Bubble Baths. I have taken one everyday since school started on Monday. I take my book and sometimes a glass of wine or my pomegranate/ peligrino concoction and stay in for hours. I am worried about our gas/ water bill for this month!

...Yoga, which I am going to now. Since work started, I have gone from practicing 4x a week to only 1-2 times. I went yesterday (first time this week) and my butt and arms are so sore! Whoever says Yoga is for wimps has never taken a power vinyasa class.


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