Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bummer for me, n 7uuuu8oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir

...I was trying to think of a clever way of saying that the situation I am about to write about is a bummer for me, but (insert positive word that was big in the 90's...tubular?) for Daniel. And then my cat walked all over my laptop, and I decided to leave it.

OK, so my current bummer can probably resonate with many women. I can't shop. I want to so badly, but I can't because of this move.

The other day, I went to Rice Village with a friend. I saw so many flowy maxi dresses, colorful summer dresses, bright shorts...and I couldn't buy them. Because I am about to move somewhere that is cold for all but 2 months. And to a place where I might not even have a closet!

It's funny, because my shopping partner just moved here from France (which is also mostly chilly), and she kept buying cardigans and looking at sweaters. I was like, "It's about to get hot here! You need summer clothes" and then every time I would like at a cute little summer dress, she would be like, "You will need a sweater and tights if you want to wear that in London." I guess she could shop for me, and I could shop for her?

I. Why I haven't shopped since November (when we decided to move)
    1. Ultimately, we rather save money to travel
    2. Also, I rather save money for Topshop.
    3. I don't know the style in London...I might buy things now, wear them when I get there, and everyone's  
        like "Wow, that girl is soooo not from here."
    4. Right now in Texas, they are selling things for summer. Right now in London, it is 50 degrees and rainy.
       And the average high in July is 67 degrees.
     5. The less things I bring with me the better, because..
          a. Do I really want to pack it?
          b. Do I really want to unpack it?
          c. Will I have anywhere to store it?
          d. Will I even wear it?

To make matters worse, I got really ambitious and sold about 1/2 of my clothes...and now I literally have nothing to wear. So on top of just wanting to shop because I'm a girl and like new clothes, every time I look in my closet, I see empty racks, just waiting to be filled.

Bummer for me, tubular for Daniel (he, like most husbands would, thinks that since I have more than 3 shirts, I have plenty of clothes to wear and don't need to spend money on such frivolous things).

So, to make a really long, drawn out story short, if you see me in my same shirt and same jeans, you now know why.

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