Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Refinished tub and sink

This weekend was dedicated to lots and lots of home renos (along with a Dynamos game, my cousin's wedding shower, my sister-in-law's Gold Star celebration, and a wonderful dinner with friends....but mostly some HGTV worthy projects). One of our projects was refinishing the tub and sink in our guest bathroom. It was very rusty when we bought our home, but we were so focused on getting an amazing master bathroom that we looked past it. The bath and sink were pretty worthless and didn't want this to discourage hopeful tenants. 

It was actually much easier than we anticipated. They sell refinishing kits at Lowes for about $50. If you choose to do this, make SURE that you tape off everything else and maybe even put a tarp on your floor. The refinishing spray was very thick and everything had a thin layer of white on it after Daniel was done with this project! 

I love how the sink looks! It is SO white and shiny now- not a speck of rust or discoloration! The faucet on both the tub and sink could definitely be prettier...might have to replace that soon, if we can get the darn things off!

Anyway, we showed our house a lot today and several people were interested. Fingers crossed!

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