Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Too much stuff

So, what does one do before moving from a Texas-sized (though not really- our house is pretty small for being in Texas) to a teeny tiny 600 sq feet flat? Basically, purge. Everything. I ask myself these two questions:

1. Will I need it in London?
2. Will I still want it when/ if we move back? 

Usually, the answer is no. So far, I have made some good junk change selling old books and DVDs to Half Price Books. I also got rid of almost all of our clothes, since we certainly won't have a walk in closet in London. 

I never realized how much "stuff" we had until starting to pack up. It's really pretty disgusting. I'm hoping that London will teach us to be less materialistic, since we won't have any room to store our materials! 

What is giving me trouble is trying to decide what to bring with us. We know we will live somewhere furnished, but we don't know how furnished it will be. Of course, appliances and actual furniture is a given, but flats vary on whether they have kitchen utensils, towels, sheets, etc. Do I bring our own household things at a risk of not needing them and having no room to store them? Do we bring nothing and just buy stuff once we get there...stuff that we might not use for that long? Hmmmmmmm....

Packing is one of the many things we need to do. But it is probably the most overwhelming.


  1. When I moved to Boston, I had a few boxes packed up and ready for my parents to ship if necessary. One of those boxes is still sitting in my closet in my parents' house but I'm hoping to have it shipped up here later this year. I felt the same way about a lot of my stuff. Goodwill received a hefty donation of clothing from me before I moved. I needed to purge most of my casual, graduate school clothes that are rarely used now. I love Half Price Books and I make some play money selling old books, cds, and dvds to them as well. Good luck with the move!

    1. That's a great idea Jessica...I never thought about packing a box and keeping it at my parent's just in case!



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