Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not in Texas

Sometimes, I forget that we are living in another continent. The UK is hands down one of the most similar countries to the US. Other times, it is quite obvious that I'm not in Texas anymore!

Today started off BORING. I had to do one of my least favorite tasks as Daniel's assistant and wait for packages to be delivered at home ( our groceries and his new desk). It was raining all morning so I don't know what else I would have done, but I was dying to get out of our little flat by the time it all arrived at 2.

Around then, the skies finally changed from pouring to a light sprinkle and I needed to move. I'm one of those people who cannot stay at home on my butt and watch tv all day. I laced up my running shoes, repeated to myself that I won't melt if I get wet, and set out to explore.

I decided to head towards Regents Park. Previously, our older landlord told me she walks to Regents Park daily, so I knew it couldn't be that far away ( not to judge, but if a grandma who doesn't know how to use the Internet can walk there, than so can I!). It was a 5 min jog from our flat!

And let me tell you about the weather... Cool enough for passerbyers to be in jackets, but warm enough for me to break into a light sweat while running in a tank and shorts. Yep, not in Texas.

As I ran towards the park, I passed the Lord's Cricket Stadium, white and ornate neoclassical buildings, random gold leafed statues in the middle of roundabouts. Tree lined streets full of cabs facing the wrong way in my humble opinion, pubs older than Texas, people from all corners of the world speaking what could have been gibberish. It's all so different than what is normal to me.

And then I made it to the park. Flocks of geese left their ponds and pitterpattered towards me, hoping that someone was braving the rain to feed them bread. I ran past a long haired hipster, playing the clarinet on a wood bench. His song eerily seemed to follow me as I ran along the paved trails, becoming softer and softer with every pace that I took.  Rows upon rows of perfectly planned out and manicured gardens demanded my visual attention as I turned on a hidden trail, boasting flowers from every color of the rainbow.

There's a zoo in the park, too. It's on the canal and you can take a boat to it if you choose. From my run, over the low gates I could see giraffes, penguins, and reindeer. Little children were jumping in puddles, wearing their polka dotted rain boots and oversized rain coats, telling their "mums" what they wanted to see next. Really, there is NOTHING cuter than a child with a British accent.

As I ran through the park and the rain started to come down harder, I passed older couples hand in hand, one on a cane and the other hunchbacked. Dogs off of their leashes, bathing in the new scents that the rain offered, their owners leisurly walking several paces behind them, making one wonder if they really were the pups owner or just a passerbyer like myself.

 And all along, I had this overwhelming feeling come over me:

This is my neighborhood. 
This is my new home.
 I'm in London.


  1. I love this post! And it makes me midly jealous. ;) if Annie didn't have health issues we'd move all over. :)

  2. Thanks! I was concerned not posting pictures with this post. Don't be jealous, London is great to visit but Texas is better to live in. Although today was a good day, I often say to myself "THIS is what I left my beautiful home, family, dogs, friends, car, job, (insert every convenience you can imagine) for?!?! Although I'm thankful for this experience and definitely wouldn't take it back, it's not as glamorous as it seems! And I think it's important to be honest about that!

  3. OH how fun! I'm jealous of your amazing weather and surroundings. I'm glad you're enjoying it too :)



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