Saturday, July 27, 2013

SJW/ Little Venice Pub Crawl

Yesterday, I had to walk into town to mail some Postcards to some very important 6 year olds. I decided since I walked the 7 minutes to get to the high street, might as well stay for awhile! 

I brought my iPad along and went to the Duke of York pub to take advantage of their wifi (still no Internet at our flat). I couldn't believe that their special of the day was Lonestar...don't get me wrong, Lonestar is my beer of choice when I just want a cheap beer, but I feel like London shouldn't use that to represent Texas beer. They should have gone with Shiner! And $6 for a Lonestar?!? You've got to be kidding me! 

I stayed there, waiting for Daniel to get off work. Once he did, we walked around our neighborhood, on a mission to find th best pub in our area.

First pub was The Wellington. Although the pic doesn't show it, the place was hopping. Everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather outside. I give it a 7/10.

Next pub was my absolute favorite and I can't wait to take visitors there! It was called King Alfred and the place was so quaint...the quintessential pub. I loved the woodworking and tiny hobbit sized doors that you had to lean under to get through to find a table. I had a pint of French beer called Kronenbourg and it was delicious. 

Next pub was called Warwick Castle. It had gorgeous stained glass windows, antique and very well used furniture, and funky purple wallpaper that instead of vertical stripes, had images of tree trunks on it. The merging of the different styles of old and new in the pub just gave it such a cool vibe. 

Last place...well, can't remember the name, but there was nothing special about it so I didn't take a picture. Although all of the other pics make it look like it was day, the sun doesn't set until about 10 here, so we were very in need of food. We ordered some pub food, and let me tell you, bar food here ain't nothing to write home about. You can pretty much count on it being overpriced and disgusting. 

So, that was our fun night and I have a headache today to prove it! I love the weekend and getting to explore with my favorite partner in crime. 

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