Friday, September 13, 2013

Howdy, Strangers!

Oh my goodness, hello everyone! It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have updated you all on life in London. I have been away from the internet world for so long...I wish there was a section on Facebook that would just tell me who has became pregnant, engaged, or married in the past 2 weeks. Have any celebrities died lately? Any major news I should be aware of? Any more countries harboring weapons of mass destruction that I should know about?

Anyways, I have been MIA because my lovely Aunt Laura and Dianne were in town and we have been busy painting the town red. We have done so much in the past 11 days and I do not know how I am possibly going to write about all of it. What's amazing is that we crammed in SO much, and yet there were still so many things that we would have liked to have done and simply didn't have time for. There truly is so much to do in London.
Here's us at a pub before going to see a play called A Hollywood Fable. More on that later

 It was so hard saying goodbye to my family, yet I am so thankful that we were able to be a part of our life here in London. I got so used to having their company! This morning, I started making enough coffee for all of us before realizing that I alone could not consume 8 cups of coffee (well, maybe I could, but I know that I shouldn't). It's hard getting back in to the daily routine.

I promise that I will write several posts on their visit later, I just need to organize my thoughts and what not. 

This will make all of you Texans jealous...when my aunts arrived, it was still summer and reached 90 degrees. Fall decided to show up on Friday and I think it is here to stay. My aunts came wearing short sleeves and skirts, left wearing scarves, jackets, and tights. I'm talking lows of 48, highs of 60. I'm already enjoying walks with coffee and fires at the pubs. However, when I realize that it is only September and already this chilly, I believe that I didn't bring enough cold weather clothes with me. I already bought a couple of jackets at the local resale shop.

Speaking of needing new clothes, you know how you have a section of clothes for when you feel good, and another of when you don't? Yes, even my fat person jeans, the ones that I normally need a belt with, are feeling snug. I tried wearing my skinny person jeans, and they do miraculously button, but the spare tire that I have hanging over it was enough to make me quickly throw them in the back of my wardrobe with hopes that they would disappear forever. It turns out that I CAN'T eat out everyday, drink lots of beer, delight in dessert after every meal, and still wear my skinny jeans comfortably. Who woulda known... Simply walking all over the city ain't enough.  So, it's back to running, yoga, and lots of produce for this girl (oh, I wish I had a gym membership because I really do need to lift some weights, too).

Ok, will be updating a lot in the next few days, so make sure that you come back! Have a fantastic Friday and weekend!

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