Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Blue Wagon

Today's post is taking a shift outside of London, and back to Houston. I want to let all of my American friends and family (which is everyone reading this, other than about 4 of you) all know about my friend, Myrna, and her adorable, handmade little girl accessories.

Myrna and I met my very first semester of teaching. I was right out of college and wanted to go change the world, one inner city kid at a time. Myrna actually interviewed me and became not only my team mate, but my official mentor teacher. Although we dreaded the paperwork that went in to that, I still learned so much about being a calm, peaceful, and organized teacher from her. I am thankful for her friendship during the 4 years I taught at Berry Elementary (and especially our last year there, when we were right across the hall from each other!).

Myrna joyfully found out she was pregnant with a baby girl during our last year of teaching together, and now spends all of her time and energy raising her sweet little gal, Vivi, with her husband.

In the couple of spare minutes that she has, she crafts these precious hair pieces. Which, knowing her, isn't surprising in the least. She was one of those cutesy, crafty teachers that I will never be! I want to buy some for the future baby girl we pray to have one day and I so wish I could pull off wearing baby hair pieces.

Image of Cute as a Button Baby Headbands

Image of Bright Mini Flower Buds- Set of Two

Image of Spirit BowsImage of Medium Blooms

Y'all...the most expensive thing in her shop is $7! And she offers free shipping! I hope you all take a look at her blog, shop and maybe even support this new, local business!

Click here for The Blue Wagon Blog
Click here for The Blue Wagon Shop

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