Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brown Warrior in London

I don't have time for a long's what's been happening with Justin and Brandee in London! 
In front of Abbey Road Studios

First day- exploring South Bank

Pub by our flat...called The Warrington. Used to be a brothel! It is on Randolph Street....supposedly, the term "randy" (think Austin Powers: "Are you randy, baby?" originated at this pub!
Borough Market
Us waiting for the legendary grilled cheese!

Look at all of those wheels of cheese...

So good.

I poured my own olive oil...I can go back and refill my canister for 5 pounds!

Wine at the new favorite thing. We also got some mulled wine and the man gave me a free shot of whiskey in it!

Church by the market

Tower Bridge in the background...NOT London Bridge


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