Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poe's in London

Some random, captioned pictures to broadcast what we did in London with my mom and sister. 
Street art we found while walking along Regent's Canal. I wrote to live everyday with joy, Mom wrote to live life with no regrets, and Madeline wrote to adopt a British accent. Ha!

Regent's Park. So lovely. We walked through it before leaving for Paris on my family's first morning in Europe.

There are people in London who have the very important job of sweeping leaves EVERYDAY. They get slippery after awhile!

Buckingham Palace. Not to impressive, compared to Parisian architecture!

What's a trip to London without checking out Harrods? We scoped out the food sections and had a pot of tea there.

Westminster is only a couple of tube exits south of ours. You get off and literally run in to Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. PLUS, we got to tour the abbey for free because I live in the Westminster borough.

Walking around Soho with our Starbucks. Pic at Liberty!

Christmas in London :-)

Our rations after Borough Market. Bread, pasta, olives, quiche, jam, and wine straight from the barrel! I can take that bottle and refill it for only 5 pounds!
We did so many other things and I can't believe none of us took pictures! Along with everything I wrote about that we did for my birthday, We...

- Took the bus to Oxford Circus and had a lil shoppin' trip

- Saw Book of Mormon and died laughing! And then proceeded to sing the only line from each song we remembered for the rest of the week (I wanna Baptizeee herrr...It's a spooky Mormon Hell Dream!...Just turn it off! )

- Walked along South Bank and through the Christmas Market, where my mom bought herself a new purse!

-Walked along Abbey Road and pubbed it up at some of our favorite neighborhood joints

-Admired the works of Picasso, Dali, and Monet at the Tate Modern

I loveedddddd having my mom and sister visiting and I was so not ready for them to leave! I enjoyed showing them around London and was very proud of myself for never getting us lost (thank GOD for GPS on phones). We laughed so much through out the trip and made lots of memories! I was depressed the whole day that they left, but I am thankful that we will see them again in a few weeks for Christmas!

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