Friday, December 6, 2013

Small Talk

Hello! Bloggin' is going to be sparse for the next couple of weeks, because Justin (Daniel's bro) and Brandee (Justin's wife) are coming to visit! They board the plane tonight and arrive tomorrow morning!

Here's what's been goin' on this week...

 1. Want to hear something sad? I took this picture during a 4 pm! And it's already this dark! I hadn't run up Primrose Hill in awhile, so I wanted to challenge myself and do it a couple of times before going to yoga on Sunday. And you know what? Uphill running was SO much easier than usual, and I think it's from all of the uphill biking I've been doing. So exciting seeing how much stronger I've gotten.

2. On Tuesday, in typical landlord fashion, it sounded like there was a circus going on upstairs from 11-midnight. Daniel had HAD ENOUGH and on Wednesday we moved all of our furniture, switching our living room and bedroom, in hopes that whatever room is above our living room doesn't receive as much action as the room above our bedroom.

It was quite awkward walking into our flat and immediately seeing our bed, but my baby has to sleep, so I went along with it.

Turns out, from the living room, outside traffic is pretty loud, and we still hear our landlords stomping around. Daniel contacted our relocation agents about the possibility of moving, and they wrote a letter to the landlords, reminding them that it is in our contract that they provide a peaceful environment for us. This is very touchy, because I think even if they were still trying to be quiet, we would hear them because the walls are paper thin. However, maybe this will spur them to NOT do laundry and dishes as midnight and to just try and walk a little softer. Either way, I am dreading the awkwardness that is to come.

And, we ended up moving our furniture back to its original place on Thursday night.

3. Got Daniel his own thick, puffy Primark jacket because Scotland is going to be FREEZING- we leave tomorrow, about 5 hours after Justin and Brandee arrive! Saturday is going to be a long day for them!

4. I've gotten breakfast, drinks, and coffee with different girl friends this week. Look at me being all social!

5. Ok, I think that's it. Will try and update y'all on Scotland next week! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Have a fun safe trip! Can't wait to hear what y'all do in Scotland.



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