Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Now, for something a little, er, lighter than the last post: the food, which makes Rome so grand, so wonderful, so enjoyable. I am a total foodie, and the food might possibly have been my favorite thing about this trip.
The owner of this ristorante, bless his heart, was always creepin' at our table. Glad we got a pic to remember him by! 

The most delicious pizza. Daniel kept it real with just cheese and prosciutto. Me? I had the same as Daniel, along with mushrooms, olives, artichokes, and a fried egg. Yolo!

Random cute bar we went in to...called DAKOTA so it's even more special (that's one of  our dog's name). 

Oh good lord, the gelato. We had (not all in one sitting) champagne, dark chocolate, caramel, oreo, nutella, coffee, and tiramisu gelato. And honestly? That wasn't enough. I feel like we really skimped on gelato during this trip. We should have enjoyed it AT LEAST after every meal. And maybe as a snack, too.

Funny gelato story #1: I accidently whipped my hair in Daniel's gelato after he asked me if I wanted to try his, getting gelato all over my purse, jacket, neck, mirror..... Daniel yelled "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING" like I meant to get my hair in his gelato and then without skipping a beat, devoured his gelato in about 3 seconds. Glad he didn't mind my nasty hair!

Funny gelato story #2: I licked my gelato right off the cone and watched it fall, slow motion, to the cobbled road. Actually, that's not funny. That's the saddest story that I might have ever heard in my whole life. And no, I didn't eat it off the road.


  1. I would be eating the same way if I were in your shoes so don't feel bad. After Europe, you should move to Japan. I lost 30 lbs without even trying. I now understand why the Japanese are so tiny. :)

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I keep telling myself that I have my whole life to be skinny, but a limited amount of time in Europe, so I have to take advantage of it!



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