Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

Good morning, readers! Hope y'all had a great weekend...I hear there was a football game? 

Our weekend was the perfect amount of fun and relaxation. 

On Friday, Daniel and I met in The West End after work for dinner and Billy Elliot. It was a disgustingly rainy night, but that didn't stop me from getting dolled up in my new dress.

Me met up at a quick Italian food restaurant that was across from the theatre and ended up making friends with the two couples next to us dining. They were middle aged, from Essex, and REALLY hard to understand...but when I could understand their accent, I found them to be hilarious! 

My mom had gotten us the tickets for Christmas, and it really was the perfect gift for us. The musical was spectacular! 

The rest of the weekend involved tons of yoga. I have upgraded my yoga package and I now have unlimited yoga for the next year or however long we stay. I'm trying to take advantage of it! In 2 days, I've taken 5 hours worth of class and loved every second of it, but I am really sore today. 

I evened out all of that yoga with lots of movies this weekend:

I really enjoyed all of them! A summed up thought for each:

Catching Fire: I liked the book more, but the movie was better than most movies that are based on books. 

Dallas Buyers Club: Mathew M and Jared Leto had incredible performances. 

WOWS: Too long. Loved Jonah Hill. Can't believe the actress who played Leo's wife is only 23.

Pitch Perfect: LOVED IT! Althought I felt like I was older than its target audience. I totally want to see a show now where people do what they did! 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have all recovered from last night! 

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