Thursday, April 3, 2014

Caminando en Madrid


Walking around in Madrid is great when you have your own personal tour guides that know the city like the backs of their hands! It was so great not having to think about where we were and where we were going- we just followed along! And Ashley and Kiko live in the middle of the city center, so we could walk EVERYWHERE! 

 This reminded me a lot of the Egyptian ruins in the MET in NYC, and I found out it is related to it! We could go in and explore for free. Also, it was on top of a hill that offered a beautiful view of the city.

 I think this was the palace? Honestly, I forgot what a lot of the buildings are. We just saw so many!


On Sunday "morning" around 2 pm, we went to the market. It was massive and sold everything you could imagine- some really cool items, and others that made you scratch your head. As Ashley told us, you can buy purses, jewelry, a light for your car, and last night's stolen cell phone! It seemed like some people were just selling their old things. A sight to see, for sure! 

I apologize for the amount of random pictures on this without a caption :-)

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