Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arriving to Barcelona

We're back, a bit more sunburned than we left and with very, very sore feet. We were in Barcelona for the past few nights and loved it! We took hundreds of pictures and managed to do so much that I am trying to figure out how to best organize my blog posts. 

First, our flat. I always look forward to checking out our flat once we arrive. They have all been so different and give a little taste of what it is like to truly live in the city. Our Barcelona flat truly did not disappoint. What it was lacking in size, it made up for with perfect panoramic views and design (Seriously, I want this chick to come decorate our house. She had awesome taste). 

 We had a small studio, with this winding staircase that led to our rooftop terrace. We would go to the market, buy some jamon, manchego, and cava, and spend hours on the roof everyday. It was definitely my favorite thing about our trip to Barcelona!

Other than simple cheeses and meats, the market also had pigs head, tongue, and lots of questionable meats. We are adventurous, but decided to pass on the heads. 
 I thought we'd spend more time on the beach, but we only checked it out on the day of our arrival. It was warm but windy! And so crowded! We enjoyed walking around, stopping at beach bars, and people watching. 
 Sangria made with Cava. Was a little too sweet for my liking, but still refreshing to sip on while on the board walk.

Lots of musicians in Barcelona! This was one we listened to for a bit while on the beach. 

 Other than checking out the beach, we also explored the Gothic Quarter once we arrived, since it was where our flat was situated. It was interesting just meandering through the narrow, winding streets. Although we weren't looking for it, we found the Barcelona Cathedral and decided to take a peak.


True story: I didn't even try to go into the cathedral. I was wearing shorts and figured it wouldn't be appropriate to go in (and honestly, kept seeing other gals in shorts get turned away from going inside, and didn't want to face humiliation). So Daniel went in while I stayed outside. So take note, if you are going to Europe and want to check out churches, make sure you are not in shorts or a dress that is above knee length. It sounds like a no brainer, but when it is 85 degrees and you're spending your whole day walking around in the heat, you don't think about wearing your Sunday best!

In front of the cathedral was a full on band playing what I am guessing to be traditional Catalan songs. People, mostly local seniors, would get in circles and dance to the music, placing their purses and backpacks in the center of the circle. The dance consisted of them just slightly moving their feet while holding their arms up. I'm sure their arms got tired!

So, that was a very full half day in Barcelona! I'll write more in the next couple of days about Sagrada Familia, Picasso, the best view in Barcelona, and, of course, the FOOD (because what is a vacation post from me without a detailed account of what we ate?!). 

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