Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunburnt in London

When Daniel and I moved her in July, it seemed like the sun had absolutely no effect on our skin here. The weeks leading up to the move, we were at the pool, beach, or river and our skin had a healthy amount of color. In London, we could be outside all day long in the sun and our skin color wouldn't even get a shade darker (or redder). 

Well, fast forward through months of virtually no sun to about 4 hours of sunshine, and you get this:

Sighhhhhhhh. It was 55 degrees. I had to wear a sweater, for God's sake. We were outside for probably 4 hours. And now my neck and face are redder than a lobster.

Ironically, we had been making fun of all of the beet-faced English people outside getting burnt so easily. And little did we know, our skin was just as burnt as theirs.

I almost wish my arms and chest got burnt, too, just to even the color out a bit. I currently look ridiculous in anything other than a turtleneck.

The best part is, I wasn't wearing any make-up other than a dab of concealer on a pimple I was trying to hide. No hiding it any more- there is a pale ring proudly highlighting my lovely zit now!

And now I am terrified at the prospect of what will happen to my skin once we move back to Texas. EEK!

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