Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Texas Excitements

People have a bad habit of constantly looking forward to the next big thing, instead of appreciating what they have going on in the NOW. However....I need things to look forward to in regards to moving back home, or I get a bit depressed that I am leaving London. So, here are the top 10 things I am looking forward to in Texas!
My sister and brother 

1. Seeing family and friends, of course! One of my best friends will have just had a baby boy and I cannot wait to meet him. Already looking forward to getting my nails done with my sister, roadtripping to Austin to see friends, and being less than an hour's drive from family.

2. My new job! I will be a PK assistant at Kinkaid, and I am ecstatic to work at such a prestigious school. I think this will be the perfect job to help me transition to being back in the classroom after a year off.

Cannot wait to be back in my bed- no more springs digging in my back, fighting for space with Daniel, and sleeping to the sound of stomping landlords above us! 
3. Being back in my house. Lord, how our perspective has changed since living in this dark, tiny, loud London flat. I cannot wait to be back in my beautiful Heights home. We laugh how before we moved here, we thought our house was too small, too old, too much of a handful. Now, it seems like paradise compared to London living.

Great way to add some interest to my very boring fence and get some herbs too!
I can easily do this to my new fence! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea....  For my dream porch! Perfect for large country porch overlooking woods or lake
I can make this...right? 

4. Speaking of being home, I have a lot of Pinterest projects to complete in the month before starting work. Before moving, we built a patio and while we were in London, we also had a new fence built in our backyard. I am excited to spend time in our yard (after a year of having a wet, rainy, cold cement patio in London).

5. Still not done with home excitements- buying new furniture for our house! We gave away our old living room furniture, so I am busy planning and pinning away different bungalow living room ideas.

6. No longer having to convert dollars to pounds! I can afford to shop again...Hello, outlet malls!

7. I don't look forward to driving, but I do look forward to having the option to drive instead of riding my bike in the rain, or waiting 15 minutes for the bus, or walking the mile to the tube station.


8. These babies to cuddle with. But I am NOT looking forward to the endless amounts of shedding that comes with them. BTW, Cole is wearing a diaper in the first picture because she was in heat before we were able to get her fixed! We called it her "big girl panties" and I actually had to put a maxi pad in her panties for her. Fun times!

9. Brisket. Fried pickles. Queso. Dos XX. Taquitos. Trader Joe's. A big juicy steak. Cheez its. Annie's Bunnies. Freebirds. Chickfila. Lupe's. Cedar Creek. $6 pitchers of Shiner at Bingo.

10. Starting new adventurers in Texas. Someone told me that "the adventure is over", but I don't look at it that way. London has changed our perspectives and I think we will view Texas in a whole new light. I think we will take more weekend trips, spend more time with loved ones, and enjoy more of the culture that Houston offers. I think we'll take the time to walk instead of drive, see a play at the Hobby Center instead of staying home, and be more inclined to try new things.

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