Monday, January 19, 2009

Small and Tedious

I will probably say this every post from now on, but the smallest little details take the longest! I felt a little discouraged today because I felt like I wasn't even making a dent! My brother and his girlfriend, Meisha, along with my mom, Daniel, and I arrived to the house later than planned- around 10:45. I didn't even know where to begin! While Daniel started sanding down floor boards (BTW- it takes about 45 minutes to sand 2 feet!), Meisha and I cleaned the walls with clorox. FILTHY! The water was coming down in brown streaks! The dirtiest room was the old smoking room- everything is stained brown. We cleaned those walls twice, and they are still so gross looking. At least they can be primed and painted- no one will notice then! My brother went around and took down all of the old air vents. They are 100% disgusting and Daniel, being a bit of a germophobe, cannot bare with them being in our home! My mom cleaned the bathroom and kitchen really well. Around 11:45. the Bond's showed up! David got to work sanding, allowing for Daniel to punch some nails through the wood floors, to prepare for those to be sanded. Meisha, Nanette, and Gregory got to taking in the rest of the staples in the floor. My Dad, along with my sister and her friend Darcy, showed up around 1:30. The girls helped take down wallpaper- huge help! The termite inspector came and, of course, told me I needed to buy $2000 worth of termite prevention. The house hasn't had termites thus far, so I'm not going to worry about it!

Teeny, tiny staple by Mason's toe. I do not know HOW the kids got these out- it took me 20 minutes to get six! They were really wedged in the floor. BTW- the splotches on the floor are all paint. We can easily sand this.

Yellow paint under the floral wallpaper. Thank the Lord that only one wall has wallpaper- this took the girls forever!

Sanded down window. 2 whole windows sanded- just 10 more to go! They take FOREVER
Me in my sanding getup. My face was covered in peeled paint, by the end of the day!

About 2 feet of sanded floor board. We have this in 5 rooms! Probably 100 feet of it to go.

The windows, before being sanded. They are covered in peeled paint and debris. Yuck!

Thank you Gregory, Meisha, Madeline, Darcy, Mom, Dad, David, Nanette, and Mason for all of your hard work! We appreciate it SO much!

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