Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unexpected accomplishments

This morning, my dad and I left around lunch time to take my wonderful Mimi out to lunch, before going to the home for the termite inspection. We had to get the key from Mimi, and since she lives so close to this home, it was easy to go out to eat too! We brought some trash bags just in case we had to wait for the exterminator, so we could work after lunch. Well, We got to the home at 1 and worked non-stop until 5! The termite inspector called and canceled 10 minutes after she was supposed to be there. We planned to just throw trinkets away, but we ended up clearing EVERYTHING out of the home and putting it at the side of the house.

While waiting for the exterminator, we also decided to start pulling up the carpet. As you saw in earlier pictures, the carpet was green and filthy. Look what was underneath it! Beautiful red oak hardwoods- original from the 1920's!
Since we weren't planning on doing this, we didn't have tools to take the nails out. Considering these have yet to be sanded down and varnished, they look beautiful! Why would anyone want to cover it up?
The exterminator was supposed to come between of course he came at 4:45! Look at the rat nest! He said that the rats are baseball sized! He did a great job and is coming back in a month to bomb the whole attic with poison! Can't wait!
Tomorrow my dad and I are going to go look at different kitchen restoration options. I'll keep you posted!

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