Monday, August 2, 2010

Last week of freedom!

I cannot believe that my summer break is almost over :-( I didn't get much checked off of my summer to-do list....never went to the dentist, dermatologist, or doctor. Didn't bust out my sewing machine. Didn't train Cole to walk on a leash. Didn't do as much home decorating as I would have liked. What I DID accomplish was a ton of R&R, along with maintaining a clean house, going to yoga or running almost everyday, and some chores such as being my own exterminator, oil change, cleaning out our closets.

Speaking of cleaning out our closets, I sold some old clothes to Buffalo Exchange and scored majorly with these leather Coach shoes! I am not huge on brands where I have to pay a ton of money to be a walking advertisement for them. However, I do not see a "C" anywhere on these shoes other than on the inside. They were brand new, and with my trade in, I only had to pay $17! Plus, I love the burnt orange strap :-)

Daniel gave me a Target gift card that he had received for his bday...I think it is for $25. Might go there today to scope out the shoes and jewelry. I have the shopping bug and I am trying to hold off my shopathon until Thursday, so maybe Target can hold me over.

Can I just say that I think Chelsea looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day? Back in the 90's could you have even imagined that she could transform from the awkward ugly duckling she was to such a poised, graceful woman? Love her dress, make-up, hair, and smile!

OK, I am going to fight everything in me that wants to lay around and veg out during my last days of relaxation and instead go hit the treadmill and the 11:45 Pilates class. Can anyone seriously run outside in this heat?!

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