Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pier 1 sale

Thanks to my addiction to HGTV, I do not think that my house will ever feel "decorated enough". It is something I have been working on this past year, and I still have a long way to go. Once you think about it, it is a little foolish...I am buying frivolous things, like throw pillows that my dogs think are chew toys and silk flowers that just gather dust. The only use that these decorative items have is for aesthetic other function. However, it is a hobby of mine, so when I do feel the need to decorate, it has to be on the cheap. With that said, here are my Pier 1 finds!

I took this picture to show the painting over my mantle that a friend painted. I love it, but it is pretty bright, which is what started me this excursion for new colors in my living room.

Although I love our hardwoods, I sometimes feel like our home is too "woody"....wood floors, wood cabinets, wood furniture. I am not a fan of white wood, which would probably stand out better with our floors. Anyways, I got these dinky rug onsale at Pier 1 for 10 bucks! I like how the colors speak with the painting in the previous picture. Wish it was larger, but at least it breaks up the wood a tad.
This lighting is awful, just wanted to show a Home Goods purchase (pillow- $15) It brings out the crimson on the chair if you see if in person. By the way, Doo Doo head was in that exact same spot when I left my home at 11 to meet Daniel for lunch at Ziggys. It is now 2:40! Sometimes I just go up to her to make sure she is still breathing.

I got the two crimson pillows for 20% off at Pier 1, usually 14.95. I also got the middle floral pillow. I love throw pillows, but they stay arranged on my couch for about 15 minutes until one of the dogs kicks them off. My pups loves laying on the couch, but for some reason hate when any pillows are sharing the couch with them!

Ok, I think that is about it! Happy Wednesday!

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