Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Day

Today was just one of those days where I was in a great mood! I...
1. Went shopping at Katy Mills. I will never go back there, even though I found some good finds
at Gap outlet and Nike outlet. I should have just gone to the Cypress Outlet- it is closer and
nicer. Oh well! I saw this dress last yr at the regular Gap for $40...didn't get it, thought it was
too much mula. Found it today for FIVE BUCKS!!! It has a pocket on the top left boob. I think it will be great for standing outside in this August heat during recess! Aside from this dress, I also got another summery orange/ pink/ yellow/ brown dress, skinny jeans, black work pants, gray cami, gray cardigan vest, hot pink cardigan, hot pink suede flip flops, and burnt orange rimmed sunglasses.
2. Read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for about 2 hours today. It is SO hard for me to read
beyond a book's climax, but I will hopefully finish it tomorrow.
3. For the past several years, Daniel and I have always gotten our hair cuts together. We used to
go to the same stylist....and even though I no longer use her (growing my hair long), I still go
with Daniel because of tradition, even though it is in Sugar Land. We made a date out of it
tonight. Went to Whole Foods first, where I ate salmon salad, the BEST bread pudding, and
this cute little can of champagne:

4. While Daniel was getting his hair cut, I decided to go to the Texas Running Co. to get some
new running shows. Mine are over a yr old and I am feeling the effects on the arch of my foot.
PLUS, my friend Kathryn and I signed up for the Houston 1/2 Marathon lottery, so I need
some motivation to go beyond my 3-5 miles on the treadmill. Anyways, I usually get my kicks
from a specialty store, but this place by far exceeds them all! They actually filmed me running
on their treadmill to see how my foot lands and then allowed me to watch it. I ended up
getting some cute hot pink Nikes that help me run more flat footed, plus a little number to
work out in. Cannot wait for tomorrow's workout!
5. Afterward, Daniel suggested we take the pups for a nice walk. For some reason, I prefer walks
to any other date. We ended up going to the dog park, where we made a game of hiding a ball
and having the pups find it- too cute!
6. After the walk, Daniel decided he wanted some wine. He rarely drinks wine, whereas I LOVE
wine! I of course jumped at the opportunity to buy a "nice bottle of wine", as Daniel requested
(i.e. not the usual twist top I buy). An over-12-dollar Cabernet, plus some brie and crackers=
7. We haven't been on a vacay outside of TX since last November...and we are going to NYC this upcoming Thanksgiving break!!! My aunt lives there... she is one of my favorite people in the whole of those types that is always positive and happy, and always has a ridiculous story to tell. She is almost twice my age, yet has three times my amount of energy. She is always either orchestrating theatre classes to youngsters, or biking across the city, or teaching yoga, or writing the upcoming off-Broadway play. Cannot wait to see her and her other half, Don, in a few months!

It takes a LONG time to blog! GEEZ! This probably won't be happening once work starts back up!!!


  1. Fun post! I enjoyed this break while sitting in lecture. hehe

  2. I have that dress!! I got it on sale at the end of summer last year!



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