Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some random thoughts

1. I've read that one of the top indicators of a happy marriage is the split-up of household chores...the closer the couple is to splitting the chores 50/50, the happier they seem to be. I love our new "chores routine"...I go around the house and clean all of the counters, plus our 2 bathrooms, then I go grocery shopping. While I'm shopping, Daniel goes and cleans ALL of our floors (our whole house is hardwood, so it isn't an easy feat!) I do not mind cleaning counters, but I HATE cleaning our floors because I feel like I can never get them clean enough. Daniel has been sweeping and mopping since he was practically in diapers, so it works out well!

2. Made the YUMMIEST dinner tonight! I have never cooked fish before tonight because I worried that it wouldn't turn out well. Made this recipe and it was amazing and healthy! Daniel loved it, too!

3. I am obsessed with forearm stands...I have been doing it in our house on every empty wall I can find. It was a pose that I figured I would never be able to do (it is pretty tough on the core, upper back, and triceps/ shoulders) but I randomly kicked into it in class last week...and then did it 4 more times in a row! It is crazy how much stronger our bodies are than we realize. It's similar to a head stand, but your head is lifted up off the ground.

4. I kinda like these boots. I got some Toms for Christmas and I wear them all of the time. I definitely want to try them on before buying them....I am hoping Whole Earth provides them to save me a trip to Nordstroms. Do you or someone you know have these boots and like them?

5. An instructor I go to is opening a new yoga/ piltes gym on Studemont called Happy Belly Yoga and is charging only $20 bucks for UNLIMITED yoga for a month. Cannot wait!

OK, I think that about covers it! Have a great 3 day weekend, everyone!

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