Monday, January 24, 2011

Twas the week before Half Marathon...

... So excited to DO THIS! I completed my last "long" run on Sunday and it felt I just have to allow myself to rest this week so that I will have no muscle soreness come Sunday morning!
To celebrate, I got a new running jacket and I am in love! I am not in obsessed with it on the model because it looks a little loose fitting, but I love it on me- it has an empire waist, 4 pockets (2 on the outside with zippers, 2 on the inside), and thumb holes!
Kinda funny story. I never spend a ton of money on workout gear. Even though I use it on a daily basis, I don't feel the need to spend $100 on pants I am just going to sweat in. Well, I was wearing my favorite Target dryfit leggings while doing down dog at home...Daniel started cracking up and said he could see my undies STRAIGHT through my pants...could name the color and everything. Of course, I had just worn the pants to yoga class (and I pretty much wear them once a week)....really hope the lighting was dark enough that no one could tell I like leopard print. Needless to say, I went out and bought some nicer yoga pants!

I am SO taking of the Monday after the marathon...planning on sleeping in, getting a pedicure, and doing nothing more strenuous than a light walk. I love having small things to look forward to!

In honor of being the day after my last long run, I spent the day shopping (see above), and will now eat a Crave cupcake while watching The Bachelor (seriously I hate this show with a passion but I love reading the FUNNIEST blog the next day!

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  1. good luck on your run! at least you were wearing panties, right? lol



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