Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why has there been a smile on my face?

Mostly because of the amount of time I have spent with my husband, that's why! If you are reading this, I warn you that there are no pictures and this might get uber mushy-gushy. I am merely writing this because I do not have a diary and I want to remember these past weeks!

1. First and foremost, my hubs planned a SURPRISE trip to Napa Valley for us! We both love wine and cannot wait to go! This is where we are staying...

Daniel already booked a limo tour for us one day, another day we will rent bikes, and I think we will also go to San Fran for a couple of days. CANNOT wait! It is just so sweet that he planned a vacation (that is normally my job) to a place that is so "me".

2. About a week after Daniel told me about this, I saw a raffle for Brenner's Wine festival on facebook. I decided to put our names in the raffle because Brenner's was featuring wines from Napa and Sonoma. I found out I WON two $75 tickets ...I haven't won anything in my life, but I am very happy with this being the first thing that I have won. The food was gourmet (Port steak kabobs, duck flat bread sandwiches, French cheese, salmon, Cabernet truffles, and more) and the wine samples were unlimited :-) The fest was beautiful...perfect weather, luscious landscaping, my favorite company...I wish I took pictures.

3. My honey and I took a couple of days off to take a road trip to Austin. We got there around 1, made a pit stop at P Terrys (mmmmm best veggie burger and fries), had a picnic in our bathing suits with Modelo at our hotel, and got to see Band of Horses (they were better at ACL) and Kings of Leon (never really listened to them, but they had a great show). We also got to see my brother, who is a sophomore at UT. He showed us what is new at UT, walked on the drag with us, and we got to treat him to some food OTHER than cereal at El Sol y La Luna (I highly recommend the salmon enchiladas). Today, we had some delcisious pancakes at Kerbey Lane, made our way home, and now I have made a pallet in front of our TV to watch Oprah.

4. Oh yah, I got a new car a couple of months ago..brand new Toyota 4 runner...I love it!

5. Why else am I smiling? Oh, maybe because next week is Easter, the week after that is field trip week, and then it is 1 more month until summer and guess who is NOT teaching summer school this year :-)

I thank God for Him blessing us with each other..I understand that He gives and takes away, and I just feel so loved that He is choosing to overwhelm us with blessings when we have done nothing to deserve this! Thank you Lord for Daniel and for our marriage. Thank You for the blessings that might seem small, but make me so happy!

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