Saturday, January 12, 2013


I want to start updating my blog. I'm always hesitant about writing a blog post, because...

a. I have no children and I am not artistic, therefore does my life have meaning in the blogosphere? 
b. Life can be mediocre (aka wonderful yet, but maybe same ol? Yah.) 

Also, while reading my old posts in order to get some bloggin ( Yes, bloggiN, not bloggING) ideas, I felt so NOT me, like I was trying to pretend I was someone that I am not. So I vow...

1. I will never post about the "it" things to buy. Because all of my things are from Amazon or resale or the GAP sale section

2. Yes, I cook healthily but at the end of the day, I love me some cheese and wine on top of those healthy recipes. Know that if I ever give you healthful advice. 

3. Yes, I exercise but I also like to sit in a bubble bath and read a book until I become a wrinkly prune. That was me with  Gone Girl this weekend. 

So, after reading my vows, I'm thinking..."What am I ever going to write about?"

The other day, I got sad that I stopped chronicling our vacations, let alone our day to day life. Although it can be  mundane, I like my day to day life, and it is a sad thing to not remember the small blessings that make life special. 

So this is it. Sometimes I will blog the things that make me happy, in order to remember them. I vow to be my 100% pure self. It's not cool and it is pretty ordinary. If I bore  you, HEY GET OFF THE INTERNET!!! DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE!!!

I probably won't post for another 3 months. If you're lucky. And there will probably never be pictures to accompany my boring posts. 

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