Monday, January 21, 2013

Lizard-Skin Cure

My skin is always painfully dry. When I was in college, my skin would constantly break into dry, itchy hives. The doctor diagnosed it as eczema and gave me prescription lotion, which never really worked well.

No lotion seems to work. I do like Vaseline or Euciderm, but the both seem to just sit on the skin so I rarely use them. Extremely dry skin is not only very uncomfortable, but also makes my skin (especially my legs) look like I just got out of a fight with barbed wire because I scratch all of the time. This often times keeps me from wearing anything that shows my legs.

This past week, I needed lotion while at work and my school nurse recommended using Neutrogena Light Sesame Body Oil after the shower instead of lotion. Because I am frugal and didn't want to spend $8 on something that might not work, I bought The Target Up& Up brand that is supposed to be the same thing.

Body Oil

After showering, you lightly dry your skin (but you still want it to be a little moist) before applying the oil all over. I felt a little oily at first, but my skin absorbed it within a few minutes. My skin finally felt so quenched! It lasted all day. This is worth a try if you have problems with severely dry skin, too!

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