Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Meaning

I started this blog after a year of marriage when we bought my great grandparent's home in the historic Heights. It was in pretty bad condition and all of our weekends were devoted to sanding, drilling, cleaning, and general de-grossifying. When I started bloggin', it was to chronicle our home renovations.  I pretty much gave this blog the lamest and corniest name - No Place Like Home. I figured that title summed up what the content of this blog would generally be about- home.

If only I would have known at that time what the title No Place Like Home would mean for Daniel and me.

I figured home was going to always be in Texas, let alone Houston. Daniel did a stint in London in 2009 and in the back of our mind, we always knew that we had the option of moving there if we wanted to. But Houston is home- our family is here, the job that I love is here, our dogs are here, and we wanted to start a family here.

Something clicked for us in November. We still didn't have a baby. Although I loved my job, I knew that this probably wouldn't be what I would do forever. Daniel was hearing a lot more at work that they wanted us to move. And we finally thought "Ok....let's do this!"

And that brings us here.

We have two more months in Houston, and then we are moving to London. We don't really know how long we will be there for- at least a year, but probably longer if we enjoy it. There is also the possibility of moving somewhere other than Houston (most likely in Europe) if we decide we want to. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that travel was important to me and that I wanted to see the world. This is the right decision for us and our life.

So, No Place Like Home will no longer be about our house in Houston. Home is with long as we are together, that's home. So Home will now be London, and this blog will now serve to chronicle our preparations to move, life in London, and hopefully lots of travels.

I will blog more about logistics later, I just wanted to share our news now! I hope if you do not follow this blog, you will begin to!


  1. That sounds exciting! I've known enough expats who just fall in love with London, so that's a good place to land for a while!

    - Annalisa

  2. So awesome! AND - so sweet that "Home is with Daniel"! Love it!! So happy for y'all!

    -Stefani :)



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