Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best (and worst) of Pinterest

This post is a departure from our moving news, but I wanted to share with y'all some GREAT pinterest finds that have been very successful in making my cooking yummier and house prettier! And of course, I HAVE to report those pins that you should think twice about before trying!

Healthy Cooking Wins

Very easy and filling if you add a cup of cooked quinoa! 

I make these on a weekly basis- so yummy and nutritious! Garbanzo beans replaces the flour.  And instead of sugar, you use just a little honey or Agave nectar. 

I omitted the crust and added spinach to make it more nutritional. 

Very yummy...just make sure that you save some of the sauce! Because of the breading, there isn't a need to serve this with a starch. Serve with cauliflower or brussel sprouts for a whole meal! 

Skip This

Really soggy and just all around not appetizing

Home Wins

Pretty much all of my cleaning successes involve baking soda... Cleaning your stainless steel

For some reason I can't find this pin, so maybe I made it up? 

Use steel wool, baking soda, and lemon (lemon cleaner works). Scrub the glass with the steel wool coated with a lemon/ baking soda paste and the water stain pretty much instantly disappears and your shower doors look shiny and new. To keep the effect for even longer, spray the newly cleaned glass doors with rain-repelling car window cleaner. 

Home Fails

This just flat out didn't work...baking soda fails at cleaning silver. 

I painted my concrete porch...and it started peeling a few months later! 

Another pin that's worth trying...

Don't use if you have sensitive gums! I do this a couple of times a week and it works just as well as Crest white strips!

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