Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lots of checks of the list

I'm sorry I have been so MIA lately....things have been wild! After the school year ended, my days were spent constantly cleaning and having to leave my house for it to be shown to prospective renters. No fun! Then, our house got struck by lightning and we didn't have internet for a few days (thank God that's all that happened). On top of that, I have been out of town a lot, soaking up the last few weeks of Texas! So, I have a lot of things to share with the internet world! 

1. We found renters! Everything is signed and now we are just waiting for them to move in! We are so excited- I think we found the PERFECT couple. They are very responsible and know how to take care of an old home. And they could not be any sweeter...she even dropped off boxes and bubble wrap for us to pack with! We are so thankful that we decided to hire a realtor and find renters. Now on to packing!

2. Our flights have been booked! 2 Business class, one way direct flights to London, leaving on July 3rd (a Wednesday, and we will land on Thursday, July 4). 

3. Our temporary housing has been booked! I'm happy that it is one bedroom (vs studio), there's a dishwasher, AND there is a cleaning service! It is in Canary Wharf, the area that Daniel will be working. We definitely don't want to live there long term because it is a very industrial part of town, but it will be convenient for the first few weeks! 

Although this is pretty normal for Texas, this is actually VERY spacious and nice for London. I'm thankful that we know exactly where we will go once we land! During our 3 week stay here, we will be very busy trying to find somewhere to live full time! 

OK, I think that does it for now. Will give more updates soon!

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