Friday, June 21, 2013

Half a Decade

Hello Readers! Hope you are all doing well. My moving updates for today are pretty boring...we've just been packing from dawn to dusk. I had no clue how expensive bubble wrap and boxes were! I am done hanging up clothes- after I wash them, I just pack them. Really, I am just done putting things away in general. If I am not going to use it in the next week, it's going in a box! Our house is a WRECK, which I hate...but it is impossible to clean when your floors are littered with boxes, suitcases, and random trinkets that need a box to live in for the next year(s).

The real reason why I am updating today is to share with y'all that today is our anniversary...our 5th one! Altogether we have been a couple for 11 years. We often joke that we have no choice but to make this work- who else will put up with our grossness, craziness  and annoying habits? But really, I am thankful to have a husband who knows me inside and out and yet still loves me unconditionally, and visa versa.

When people ask what we are going to do to celebrate, I reply "Move to London". Because really, what else do we have time to do? Last night, we did make time to go to Uchi for an early anniversary dinner. If you have never been, definitely go there for your next fancy date or girls' night! It's a sushi restaurant that will change your opinion of sushi (I say this because I'm not in love with sushi, but I am in love with Uchi). Go for their happy hour from 5-6:30 to save some money. Make sure you arrive right at 5 though, or you will not find a seat! We had a great time last night and will miss it while we are in London!

Anyways, I saw this on a friend's blog and it made me laugh! Our wedding vows mean so much to me, but it is the little, everyday things that you do to make your marriage thrive. On our anniversary, I knew I wanted to write about what we SHOULD have included in our vows.

Along with having and holding for better or for worse, I vow to...
-make sure that we never run out of toilet paper
-always cook nutritious meals that don't include mushrooms, bell peppers, or squash (or at least cut them so small that you won't notice them).
-drop what I'm doing to spot you at the gym
-never make (too much)  fun of your video games

Along with loving me in sickness and in health, Daniel should have also vowed to...
-always fill my car with gasoline
- make me laugh when I'm grumpy
- take my fear of lizards seriously and always dispose of them humanely after they sneak into our home (along with bugs and the occasional bird that the cat bring in)
-never make (too much) fun of the trash television I watch

But seriously, it's the little, everyday choices that bring joy to a relationship. I am thankful that we learned this early on! Have a good weekend everyone :-)

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