Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A bulleted Wednesday

No pics, just a hodgepodge of thoughts for today! 

* Despite the fact that our landlords, who live above us, stomp and move furniture at 7 am, we really like them. Today as I was leaving, I saw that they had discreetly placed a welcome mat in front of our door. They are always so warm and friendly and I'm thankful for that! 

* We have a new favorite store called Homebase... It's like a Lowes and Homegoods rolled into one. Today, I bought a mirror, command strips, lavender, and a Venus fly trap! 

* We have visitors BOOKED- tickets bought!  My aunt Laura and Dianne in September, mom and sis in november! So exited! I hope to get more visitors, too! 

* Our neighbor Is a complete biotech. Here's our convo, retold by me

Neighbor (as she pulls up in her Jag that actually says Jag on her license plate, as I'm walking all sweaty from yoga): excuse me, are you the one that just moved in?
Me: yes! I'm Chris-
Neighbor: yes, well, I live in the Garden flat. See the sign that says Garden flat by my door? I need you to stop putting Garden Flat as your address.
Me: Oh! We are specifying that we are the Garden Flat to the left under the stairs. 
Neighbor: yes, but you're not a garden flat. I've been the only garden flat here for the past 20 years. Are you just renting? Will you be here long?
Me (totally dumbfounded at her rudeness): well, it was listed as a Garden Flat. The landlords called it a garden flat. What do YOU think we should list it as? 
Neighbor: the basement (ok, that's the same thing as a garden flat!)
Me: well, I don't think we'll receive our mail that way. We just moved in, these are kinks that will be worked out with time. 
Neighbor: well, I'm very tired of my doorbell incessantly ringing for your deliveries. Stop putting your address as a garden flat! The previous tenant just shipped her mail to the landlord. 
Me:  ok, well, nice meeting you! I'm Christina, by the way ( she speeds off)

I get that it's annoying receiving our packages, but we live 5 steps away from her! How hard is it to redirect the delivery guy to us? Honestly, it's not or fault..I taped a post it outside our door with our names on it because our flat is so poorly labeled! When I addressed this to our landlord, he apologized, bought us a sign that says "rear garden flat" ( yeah, you're not the only garden flat in this neck of the woods anymore, missy!) and even mentioned that our neighbor has made a huge stink about this to him, too. *sigh* I understand her annoyance, but she could have been a little more considerate in bringing this matter up with us. 

Anyways, I just majorly vented ad my iPads nearly out of battery. Have a good night, and if you pad to have your car brand as a part of your license number, I might judge you now! 

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