Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our flat and neighborhood

OHello readers! Not a lot happening today for me. As I said yesterday, I had to wait here all day for our tv delivery. The doorbell rang at 8 this morning and I was so relieved...only to find out it was the plates we'd ordered. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to receive those, but I was really hoping for the television. So up until 3:30, when the tv came, I drank lots of coffee, played lots of candy crush, and cleaned. Such an exciting life! 

Here are some pics of our neighborhood and flat.

From our flat, if you go right, you hit St. John's Wood, but if you go left, you end up in Little Venice. Not quite sure why they call it that, since there are no Italian food restaurants. Maybe it's because of the canals? Daniel and I explored the area on Sunday and we'll definitely be spending a lot of time there. We went to a pub that was across the canal for a pint. 

Our beautiful street! Compared to the rest of London, it is so clean and well kept. I've said it a million times, but I love how quiet it is. Yet, we can walk 15 minutes and be in the center of all the craziness London has to offer. We really can't believe that we were able to find a nice flat in our budget on this street- our neighbor has a BMW, Ferrari, and a classic Aston Martin! I'm guessing most of our neighbors own their whole home and live in something a little nicer than a garden flat. 

Our garden flat is literally called "the garden flat to the left under the stairs"...we actually write that as part of our address in lieu of a flat number. Reminds us of "the the cupboard under the stairs"!

Showers to the left. Happy our bathroom has just been updated before we moved in. Could do with more counter space. See that wood shelf thing? Absolute and complete rubbish, a waste of £9. If you sneeze on it, it will come crumbling down. Londoners sure do know how to completely rip you off. 

Our flat has tons of little nooks like this, where we've been putting plants and other knickknacks. This is in our kitchen. 

Kitchen again. One of the largest we saw when flat hunting. Actually works pretty well too! 

Our very white bedroom. Need to bring in some color with throw pillows and art. Next to the bedroom is our private patio. 

No pics of the living room yet because I'm not a fan...it's very dark. Daniel calls it his cave and there's only one window. Hoping a mirror across from the window will brighten it up! 

After the tv was delivered today, I went on a walk. Several shops had signs posted in their windows congratulating the royal family. Not sure if you can read it, but this is champagne called Baby Royal and the note on it says " Congratulations to the Duke and dutchess of Cambridge on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy." 

I think that does it! Have a great Tuesday! 


  1. Do you have a guest room? Did the flat come with paintings that move and talk?

  2. I love that that is part of your address! I want a cute address. It looks awesome!



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