Monday, July 22, 2013

Life lately

We don't have any Internet in the new flat, (and won't until August 7th?!?!) so my bloggin' might not be as often as it has been. I'm tethering to Daniel's phone to use the internet, and it aint workin all that well. I have so many pics to show and stories to tell, but unfortunately the pictures that accompany them refuse to load, so I'll sae them for later.

1. We took time from our unpacking and went to an awesome bar in Islington on Saturday night for our friend Brittany's going away drinks (she's moving back to CA). The decor was set to make the bar look straight from the 20's. Drinks were some of the best that we've ever had, although they were pricey. I had one drink that was champagne, cognac, verbena and another that was rose vodka and lemon. A lot of their mixers and spirits were homemade at the bar. I'd definitely want to bring visitors there, but you'll go broke if you have more than a couple drinks!

2. This, my friends, isn't just some ordinary is one of the last known fans left to purchase in London during this heat wave, and therefore went from being around $40 to $100. That hurt, but at least we aren't sweating to death! And guess how fun it was carrying it half way across London, along with a mattress pad because our new mattress is about as comfortable as sleeping on sharp rocks, a shelf, and sussies I found at the resale shop? My biceps are going to be SO swoll- I'm truly not missing my gym membership in London. 

3. I tried posting a bunch of pics of the new flat, but this dinky picture is the only one that loaded. That's our kitchen table...I actually really like it. We keep it compact most of the time and then when we eat, we open up the leaf. To make more space, we moved it from our kitchen to a large hallway off of the kitchen. Hopefully I can post more pics tomorrow, because this one desnt do much justice!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have to wait at our flat all day for the tv delivery with no tv to watch or Internet to surf. I have no idea what I will do all day...clean? Read? Drink wine at noon? Do handstands on the wall? Should be exciting! 

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