Monday, July 8, 2013

All By Myself (nearly)

I'm just going to preface this blog by telling y'all that I am quite aware that my picture quality isn't the best. I want to make them larger, and do that neat collage thing that all the cool bloggers do. Right now I'm using an iPad, and it's just not the most efficient way to blog. We are waiting on Daniel's new MacBook charger to come in the mail so I can use an actual laptop...hopefully things will look more aesthetically pleasing then!

So, last night we had daniel's "dinner-before-his-first-day-of-work" meal on our balcony. The meal was ok- it's hard cooking in this teeny tiny kitchen! I love eating outside and not being attacked by Mosquitos or the heat. 

Tube map made out of Legos

I was apprehensive of Daniel going to work- that meant that I would be left all alone to fend for myself in this crazy and unknown city. I knew I had to get over my fear of getting lost and just give it a go today. 

At 9 am I left to go to a new yoga studio in soho. What would have been a 15 min drive in Houston took me 50 min in London. 10 min walk to tube...20 min tube ride...20 min walk to yoga. Thankfully I like walking, but it's impossible to get anywhere quickly! It was a great walk, though. 

I had to walk through a huge shopping area to get to the yoga studio. I feel like that is the theme of all of the places I end up in- they always have a ton of shops! 

The yoga studio was adorable. The picture doesn't show it, but the whole right wall was windows. The ceilings had sky lights...there was a lot more light here then the picture shows. The instructor was actually American, too! It was a nice class. I bought the new student special- £20 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga. For London, that isn't bad! 

Right before yoga, Daniel texted me that I had his work visa in our backpack that I brought with me! Poor thing had to meet me all the way there to get it, but I'm secretly glad that I got to see him in the middle one day!

After yoga, I met my friend Brittany for lunch. I can't believe that I forgot to get a picture of us at the restaurant.  We ate at a vegetarian restaurant called Mildred's right by the yoga studio. We had veggie dumplings, a salad of beets, fennel, goat cheese and carrots, and sweet potato fries. It was delishes and exactly what I needed after the past week(s) of unhealthy eating. It was great talking to Brittany because she's lived in London for the past year. I wish she didn't move back to the states in 2 weeks! 

After lunch, I ventured south to check out an area called Clapham. It was cute in most areas, but in others it was a little "dodgy" (aka shady). Your money goes a long way here, though! Ultimately, it's just too far outside of the city for us to live in. 

I just had to go into the cute ice cream shop to get a little treat to enjoy in the park while in Clapham :-) 
As I said earlier, it takes a while to get anywhere and it truly is exhausting! Those walks to the tube, then to your destination, then back to the tube (on repeat over and over again) truly does take a toll on you. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon!

Well, there's a free play in the park that I'm about to meet Daniel at, but I wanted to update y'all on my day first! 

Tomorrow we meet with the realtor first thing in the morning...pray that we find something quick and that we don't let the smaller sizes disappoint us! 

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