Monday, July 15, 2013

A Walk Through the Park

Today after an AMAZING yoga class, I decided to pick up some healthy grub and green juice and walk to Hyde park.

Before I got to my destination, I was distracted by a park that's name I don't know. There were games there, huge trees to picnic under, and even a lady singing opera. I decided that I was hungry and wanted to stop there to eat my lunch.

There was both a statue of FDR and one of Ronald Reagan at the park. I then realized that I was right next to the US embassy. I walked up to it, and it was guarded by a bunch of men with huge guns. Let me note that the Canada embassy did not have this...

I made it to Hyde park and the gardens next to it. Most of Hyde park was under construction for an event, but I loved the gardens! Better than the gardens we had to pay £16 to see yesterday! 

I then started walking through Green Park to get to the tube.

Tonight we are going to see A Chorus Line and I can't wait! We found a groupon and got a great deal on tickets! 

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